High-Intensity Laser Illumination with the 100mW Green Laser Flashlight

The 100mW Green Laser Flashlight is a cutting-edge illumination device designed for exceptional performance and versatility. Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, it exudes durability and reliability. Its compact size and ergonomic design make it suitable for one-handed operation.

Powered by a 532nm laser diode, this flashlight emits a powerful and highly visible green beam. With a beam output of 100mW, it provides excellent illumination capabilities for indoor and outdoor activities, including astronomical stargazing and adventurous expeditions. The laser pen is equipped with a corded hole, allowing for convenient carrying.

The 100mW Green Laser Flashlight features a tail switch for effortless one-handed operation. It is meticulously engineered with thermal protection to prevent damage from overheating. The kit includes a 16340 lithium battery, charger, and packing box, ensuring immediate functionality and ongoing convenience. For more information and to purchase this extraordinary laser pointer, visit powerfullaserpointer.co.uk.

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