Green 50mW / Blue 80mW

Green and Blue Double Beam Laser Pointer: A Versatile Tool

Green and Blue Double Beam Laser Pointer: A Versatile Tool

Embark on an extraordinary laser experience with the 50mW Green 80mW Blue Double Beam Laser Pointer, available exclusively at This innovative laser pointer emits two distinct beams simultaneously, creating a vibrant and eye-catching display. Its advanced safety design ensures responsible and enjoyable use, making it suitable for various applications.

Featuring a durable construction and a compact size, this laser pointer is easy to carry and operate. Its 8000-hour laser diode ensures longevity and consistent performance. With four power modes, including single beam and double flash, you have the flexibility to adjust the beam intensity and pattern for optimal usage. Additionally, the built-in safety features protect against accidental misuse, making it ideal for educational presentations, astronomy, and even pet training.

The Green 50mW / Blue 80mW Laser Pointer is available in various shell colors, empowering you to choose a style that matches your personal taste. It comes equipped with a charger, a 18650 battery, and a protective case for safe storage and transportation. Experience the brilliance of 2-in-1 laser technology and elevate your presentations, astronomy observations, or interactive playtime with the Woderful Effect Green Blue Double Beam Laser Pointer.

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